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The Floral Decorator e-Gift Card

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    Our e-Gift Cards are the perfect way to brighten someone's day.

    Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just because, an e-Gift Card from The Floral Decorator will allow your loved ones pick their favourite bouquet from our extensive selection of beautiful flowers and floral arrangements online.

    🎁 Purchase Instructions 🎁

    1. Proceed through the checkout by choosing 'Local Delivery'

    2. Enter your postcode and any delivery date in the future (this information won't be stored or used, it is just required to proceed through the checkout process.)

    3. Enter YOUR email address at checkout - this is where the e-Gift Card will be sent.

    4. Once payment is made, you will receive the e-Gift Card in your inbox.

    5. Email the e-Gift Card to the recipient or print it out to give to them.

    6. The e-Gift Card includes a unique code to be entered by the recipient at checkout when purchasing their flowers on The Floral Decorator website.

    Find more FAQs here.